Elizabeth Gillies and Miranda Cosgrove
Jade VII and Carly V
Background information
Voiced by Jade VII: Dove Cameron
Carly V: Sofia Carson
Character information
Full name
Other names Jade VII: Crabby Kathy, Mal II
Carly V: Powder-puff Cynthia, Evie II
Magical Girls (currently)
Gender Females
Age Jade VII: 17
Carly V: 16
Appearance Jade VII: a goth/punk wizard with, black (now, dark purple) hair with green (later, purple) highlights, eyebrow piercings (formerly), gray eyes
Carly V: a french-canadian wizard with dark brown (now, dark blue) hair with black streaks, brown eyes
Species wizards
Home Tri-State Area (sometimes), British isles
Relatives unnamed father (deceased)
Asteroid (foster father)
Violet the Mermaid (future foster mother)
each other (sisters)
Allies each other, Queen Samantha, Queen Catrina, Ant Kardashian, Anton Daring, Hotness Team, Allen Russo, Elsa VI, Rapunzel III, Sofia II, Amber II, James II, Vivian II, CJ, EJ, Elsa VIII, Anna VII, Rapunzel V, Merida VI, and Astrid VI
Enemies Queen Samantha (formerly), Queen Catrina (formerly), Jannga, Buddor, Tyler, Noah, and Darrell, Jannga's Team, Queen Zaria, C.A.L.L.I.E., the Outcasts, Outcasts' Hyenas, Chomper
Likes to bully Queen Sam and Queen Cat (formerly), friendship, The Life of the Universe
Dislikes Jade VII: having no eyebrows
Carly V: everyone not listening to her (sometimes)
voodoo magic spells and tricks
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons Jade VII: Umbrakinesis (formerly), Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, (both currently)
Carly V: Phobikinesis (formerly), Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis, Aerokinesis, Terrakinesis, (all currently)
Both: Flight, Aethikinesis

Jade VII and Carly V are the duo of teenage wizard sisters, Asteroid's new foster daughters, and former secondary antagonists (now two of the primary tritagonists (now, protagonists) and false antagonists).

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