The Circle Druids
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of european druids with alexandrite scepters
Species Allen II, Ump II, Neighbor II, Eugene II, and Hiro II: druids
Elsa II, Anna II, Astrid IV, and Toothiana II: druidesses
Home California
Allies each other, The Triangle Druidesses, Allen Russo, Anton Daring, Ant Kardashian, Alyson and Sabrina, Charlie Barkin, Itchy Itchiford, Sasha La Fleur, Zak, Batty Koda, King Zack and Queen Jessie, Queen Jade and Princess Ally, Charmed Ladies
Sidekicks The Outlaw Minis (formerly)
Enemies The Outlaw Minis, Sharptooth, Ed, Double D, and Eddy
Likes friendship
Dislikes being called "The Bad Guys", being betrayed
Powers, actions, and abilities druid magic, Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis (Elsa II and Allen II)
Weapons their scepters

The Circle Druids are the false-antagonistic druids and nine of the main protagonists.