The Square Druids
Background information
Voiced by Elsa III: Jodi Benson
Allen III and Sierra II: Zac Efron
Hiccup III and Fishlegs III: Elijah Woods
Astrid III: Mae Whitman
Snotlout III and Tuffnut III: Corbin Bleu
Ruffnut III: Tress MacNeille
Character information
Full name
Other names Elsa III
Allen III
Sierra II
Hiccup III
Astrid VI
Fishlegs III
Snotlout III
Ruffnut III and Tuffnut III
Monsters (named by the angry crowd)
The Blue Team
Appearance a group of druids with opal scepters (Allen III, Sierra II, Hiccup III, Fishlegs III, Snotlout III, and Tuffnut III) and amethyst scepters (Elsa III, Astrid VI, and Ruffnut III)
Species Elsa III: polish druidess
Allen III: australian druid
Sierra II: scottish druid
Hiccup III, Fishlegs III, Snotlout III, and Tuffnut III: swedish druids
Astrid VI and Ruffnut III: swedish druidesses
Home East Slavic (formerly), West Slavic (formerly), Tri-State Area (currently)
Allies each other and everybody else except enemies
Sidekicks The Slavic Outlaws (formerly), Hookfang II and Torch II (formerly)
Enemies The Slavic Outlaws, Hookfang II and Torch II, wolves, Sharptooth
Likes friendship, bravery
Dislikes being betrayed, being hunted, getting hurt
Powers, actions, and abilities druid magic, Elsa III and Allen III: Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis
Weapons their scepters

The Square Druids are the false-antagonistic druids and nine of the main protagonists (now secondary deuteragonists).